Choose a slightly acidic cleanser for sensitive skin



Choose a slightly acidic cleanser for sensitive skin

The skin becomes sensitive and there are congenital factors.

By birth, the skin is very thin, and even women with crystal clear skin are prone to skin sensitivities.

This group of people needs to observe the skin’s sun protection ability most. They must apply sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Index) 15 or more throughout the year to increase the skin’s ability to resist UV rays.

At the same time, the cuticles of their skins are thin, their ability to retain moisture is poor, and they are prone to feel dry. In the daily care process, they should choose products with good moisturizing effect, such as various skin care gels.

  There is also excess skin caused by acquired skin, such as repeated exfoliation.

Doctor Chang pointed out that many women are accustomed to using exfoliating facial cleansers every week, and products such as facial masks are used to deep clean the skin.

In fact, in the normal face washing process, the skin has already done exfoliating work. The use of such skin care products may damage the skin.

  The first trick: caused by the choice of slightly acidic cleansing products, often make the skin extremely sensitive due to dryness and lack of water, so when choosing care products, you should choose not to contain perfume, alcohol, heavy preservatives, etc.

For cleansers, do not choose too strong and irritating alkaline products. Because the alkaline is too strong, it will easily hurt the skin, so a mild and slightly acidic cleanser is better.

In addition, you may also use a cleansing brush, sponge or loofah during cleansing to avoid allergies caused by friction.

  Tip # 2: Use a toner that does not contain alcohol. The effect of the toner is to give the face a fresh and smooth feel.

General toners mainly contain alcohol. In addition, sensitive skin is prone to infrared radiation. When the alcohol evaporates, the skin will become tight. Therefore, you should choose a toner that is mild in nature and does not contain alcohol and perfume. When applying, apply the index finger, middle fingerAnd the ring finger of the ring finger, do not slap it hard to cause irritation.

  The third trick: avoid using oil control formula in day cream. There is no need to use shine control ingredients, as long as there are active particle ingredients that can lock skin moisture.