Yoga reduces arthritis and gout



Yoga reduces arthritis and gout

The bones inside the body are connected by joints, so the joints must be constantly moving, and they bear huge abrasion and pulling forces. Therefore, the bones can only perform appropriate movements and also bear the weight of the body, so we can see that the joints areadvantage.

  Arthritis or gout is a common disease in Chinese people. The reason is that the soft cushions in the joints gradually disappear, and the friction between bones is increasing, which causes the leg bones and arm bones to appear stiff.

For people with poor posture, insufficient exercise, indigestion or too much meat, joints will also be severely damaged, leading to premature aging.

And by manipulating yoga, we can turn the upper and lower joints to make it soft and elastic, and reduce the friction between bones. Therefore, practicing yoga often can reduce the occurrence of arthritis or gout.

Sometimes when doing yoga asanas, you will hear bones crackling. This is because some harmful chemicals accumulated around the joints are decomposing. This is a good phenomenon (it may also have been caused by muscles, bones, and ligaments.The sound of bones).