[Baby corn juice practice]_ corn juice _ baby eat _ how to make


[Baby corn juice practice]_ corn juice _ baby eat _ how to make

When adding supplementary food to babies, Bao Ma should try to choose some foods that are easier for the baby to digest, and these foods have higher nutritional value. Therefore, corn juice is the best choice for babies.Contains a lot of crude fiber, this crude fiber can help babies to build up a healthy body, and it tastes sweeter, so what is the practice of baby corn juice?

Materials: 50 grams of fresh corn kernels, 150 ml of water, 20 grams of sugar.

(Routine 1 at this scale.

Add corn kernels, water, and sugar to the electrically heated soymilk maker.


Cover the pot and set to the corn juice stall.


Start working and the machine is finished. It takes about twenty minutes.

The nutritional value of corn is 1, and the calcium content of 100 grams of corn with high calcium content is 0.

3 grams, with milk can prove beauty.

2. Vitamins with multiple corns can reduce cholesterol concentration, regulate endocrine, increase skin elasticity, prevent cell aging, and prevent vascular sclerosis.

3. Linoleic acid in linoleic corn can reduce cholesterol.

Corn has a high nutritional value, but it is not suitable for everyone. So in some cases, ca n’t we eat corn?

1. People with poor digestion have gastrointestinal diseases. They have stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, esophageal varices in liver cirrhosis, etc. After eating coarse grains such as corn, it is particularly easy to cause bleeding and ulcers.

2. The fiber of human corn with low immunity will hinder protein replenishment and reduce trace absorption.

There are many ways to eat corn. Here are two common corn recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

Corn recipe 1, boil water in egg corn shabu-shabu, put corn, eggs, milk, and salt in order, add starch to the boil after the water is boiled.

2. Milk-flavored corn milk, corn kernels, flour, and caster sugar are added to the pot in turn. After the high heat is boiled, cook on low heat for 10 minutes.