Computers eat cooked sesame seeds can effectively relieve dry eyes


Computers eat cooked sesame seeds can effectively relieve dry eyes

People are sitting in front of computers and televisions for longer and longer. The “window” of the eyes cannot be taken care of for a long time. Naturally, symptoms such as dryness, blurred vision, and soreness and fatigue will occur.May cause blindness.

  Eating cooked sesame seeds daily is a great way to relieve dry eyes.

  Sesame is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, and glyceric acid, which is very helpful for alleviating dryness in the eyes. Traditional Chinese medicine calls dryness in the eyes as “inner dryness” and “deficiency”.

And sesame has the functions of nourishing and moisturizing, nourishing yin and nourishing liver, and can relieve dry eyes.

  Sesame has been considered as a strong and longevity food since ancient times. The ancient book “Best Doctors” has the words “strong bones, eyesight, thirst, and longevity.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and eyesight, moisturizing intestines and laxatives, and benefiting brain tumors. It can be used for liver and kidney replacement, with early whitening, blurred vision, and dry eyes.
  From the analysis of modern nutrition, sesame is rich in various nutrients required by the human body, its protein content is more than that of meat, its calcium content is twice that of milk, as well as vitamins A, D, E and rich B vitamins. TheseThey are all important substances to maintain the normal function of the eyes. Especially sesame is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid and glyceric acid, all of which are unsaturated fatty acids. They are important constituents of human tissues and cells. If eaten regularly, they can make eyes brighter and brighter.

  Many foods now have sesame seeds. As long as you pay attention to choosing these foods, sometimes sesame paste, sesame paste, and some snacks are also used to replace sesame seeds. Some people squeeze sesame seeds into fine powder and put them in milk and other drinks.

  The simplest is to eat the sesame seeds directly. After cooking, the nutritional components of sesame seeds, such as protein and functional lipids, can be better absorbed by the human body, and many of the beneficial effects of sesame seeds can only exert their functions after being cooked.

Eat about one or two a day. If you don’t eat it every day, you can eat a little more.

Because sesame has an intestinal moisturizing effect, people with weak spleen and stomach should eat less