How to get out of extramarital affairs


How to get out of extramarital affairs

Relevant data show that the occurrence of extramarital affairs has been gradually increasing in recent years.

The factors that lead to extramarital affairs are destroyed. Basically, there are the following reasons:

Problems with the relationship between husband and wife.

  The relationship between husband and wife is too bad to trigger empathy.

The extramarital relationship in this case is the result of a long-term accumulation of contradictions. It is the prelude to divorce and will eventually lead to a separation.

However, the relationship between husband and wife is too good, sometimes it can also cause empathy and not love, and the excessive love of the other party becomes a heavy burden.

The emergence of extramarital relationships in this case is the result of long-term accumulation of boredom. It is a prelude to evasion.

Excessive intimacy brings excessive disgust, and excessive co-operation leads to excessive alienation.

It is the law of human sexual activity to like the new and hate the old, and to seek out strangeness often. This is why “home flowers are not as good as wild flowers”.

So came the title: “Men feel better about their mistresses than their wives, and women feel more affectionate about their husbands than their husbands.”


Human nature issues can also cause “negligent” extramarital relationships.

  Both men and women have the instinct to chase multiple opposite sexes and the need for more love and more love.

It is just social morality, legal coercion, and individual reason that suppress the instinct.

The heavy pressure of money and groundwater is the underlying cause of extramarital relationships.

For example, a few men who have made a fortune and made a fortune, material desire and greed cause spiritual poverty. They can no longer find their “spiritual home”, so they are lost in the trap of extramarital affairs.

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that shopping malls are like battlefields, and officialdoms are like theaters. People in these environments are under tremendous mental pressure, and it is easy to get involved in the vortex of extramarital affairs.


There are growth differences between the two parties, there are communication barriers, and it is easy to cause extramarital affairs.

  Like Xiao Li, who we mentioned at the beginning, many women position themselves as housewives of their husbands and fathers after marriage, ignoring personal growth; while the male side has made breakthrough improvements in work or personal developmentThis has caused a sense of inequality between the couple, a barrier to communication, and a crisis in marriage.


So, what should I do if I meet a friend who has an affair?

  First, you must check whether your marriage is truly impossible to recover or improve, or if this is just an excuse for your personal pursuit of happiness.

The best way to be responsible for your family is to take care of your marriage relationship.

You may wish to discuss the crux of the problem with your lover, but please do not tell her that you are having an affair; once you mention this, the problem will be difficult to deal with.

If you feel you are doing something wrong, then try to give up or end this extramarital affair, but also talk deeply with your lover, how to strengthen communication, improve your relationship, and other important issues.

Put forward the areas where you want the other party to pay attention to improvement, and let each other know where they have not done well and what needs improvement.

If your marriage is truly loveless, consider whether you need to end it. If you are determined, you should have a plan of action.

 Of course, if the husband and wife grow at different paces, the growing party should assist their partner to grow together and maintain constant communication and exchange.

Create a space of love and create a warm family environment.

Take care to maintain your marriage.

For example, give some small gifts on your wedding anniversary or birthday.

Learn to do something for the other party, cook, do laundry, clean up the room, etc.

Learn to praise each other, and the right praise will cause you to get unexpected surprises.

Give both parties some free time. Don’t always ask where you go. Know who belongs to no one. Each person is an independent “individual”.

  Finally, regarding the relationship with a third party, it is a better way to solve it through legal means. If you do not intend to solve it through this way, you can refer to the following ways: 1. If I have decided this way, extramarital relations, You do n’t have to hesitate any more, you do n’t have to explain anything to the other party, you have to make up your mind not to meet again.

  2. Sublimate the relationship with a third party, maintain friendship, and become a more recent relationship of the opposite sex; discontinue relationships.

  3, reduce dating, calm down one’s mood, change the environment, divert attention, regulate the relationship between husband and wife, alienate lovers.   4, keep introspecting yourself: what to do in the future?

Enable yourself and your lover to face reality and manage your relationship wisely.

  Of course, if it is possible that the extramarital affair cannot be handled properly at the moment, it is recommended to seek help from a counseling expert or other marriage expert as soon as possible.